Roses and Peonies

Ten cards per package/envelopes included
Measures 5" X 7"

Glossy Finish

$15.99 plus shipping

additional costs for matte and linen finish

I once received blue roses from my student at a piano recital and was touched by this. I was curious why blue? So I researched the meaning.

Red: classic and symbolize love

Pink: sweetness, happiness, romance, admiration

Yellow: friendship

Peach: gratitude, appreciation, sincerity, modesty

Orange: desire, enthusiam, pride

Lavender: deep adoration

Blue: impossible, unattainable

Black: death, new beginnings, rebirth

Peonies: Flower of China, 12th wedding anniversary flower, flower of riches and honor. Embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and happy marriage.

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